Have nothing to do with CPI

I only called CPI Security to check on rates and the next thing I know they had checked my credit.

No one asked them to do that, and as you all know, you do not want many inquiries on your credit as it lowers your credit score and makes you look like you need more credit lines.

So do not have anything to do with CPI Security.

Why not Deconsolidate CMS into Manageable School Systems

We need to explore having CMS create three districts which will fully support the areas they serve.

IBM and other companies realized they were too big to operate, and are now very profitable in smaller units focused on the needs of the customers they serve.

This is a great idea for CMS.

The media will not mention this idea, so it is going to have to become a social media event with as many people as you can contact, and have them contact as many as they can.

We can force Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to start working to educate all kids.

You are aware the suburban kids get only 4 thousand in funding while the urban kids get 12 thousand and up.

Plus the only overcrowded schools are in the suburbs. No over crowded classes exist in the urban schools.



Also let's put power in the hands of the Parents with Scholarships/Vouchers!