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WBTV News, a pale reminder of a once great news station

On October 5th at 6 PM we were once again privy to a Dedrick Russell love fest for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

As usual, a  non-Matthews resident was asked about deconsolidating, the resident had the usual demographics that populate a Dedrick Russell love fest story.

Surprisingly this person said they supported getting Charter Schools.  Must have been a rush story, as a less supportive person was not presented in the story.

But of course, the kicker as always is anything the head of the School Board has to say.

Did you know the reason people want to deconsolidate is due to having segregated schools, or so says Mary McCray.

Strange how Russell does not challenge that.

But hey that shuts down the whole discussion today does it not?

Oh and the used Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools 200 million cost estimate to build all those Charter Schools.

Not once did the story say that Charter Schools are built for lesss nor did the story show how they had contacted a local Charter School and asked for estimates for building those schools.

But the focus of the story was to show how folks would be taxed twice.  OK, show us how that works.

We already pay taxes and Charter Schools are paid 70 cents on a dollar to the systems like CMS who get full funding, buses, federal payments and buildings for free.

So how are we taxed twice?  OH right CMS will not have a student to get the funding they want per student.  So you can see why they are so scared about losing students.

Anyway, we get funding of about 4K per student here in the Suburbs while the Urban students get 15K and more.

So imagine the potential in the Suburbs we have lost due to lack of funding.

And when you hear of overcrowded classes, 35 or more students, they are all in the Suburbs and not one in the Urban schools, having an average 20 students.

CMS was looking at Charter Schools in their system but that interest seems to have dried up with the new school board group.

Heck, we have a system which thinks it is wonderful we have so many people graduating and yet have only 50 proficiency.

No wonder folks are getting worried about even living in Mecklenburg County.

And folks at WBTV could care less as they get the story out that follows the narrative they are told to follow.





Why not Deconsolidate CMS into Manageable School Systems

We need to explore having CMS create three districts which will fully support the areas they serve.

IBM and other companies realized they were too big to operate, and are now very profitable in smaller units focused on the needs of the customers they serve.

This is a great idea for CMS.

The media will not mention this idea, so it is going to have to become a social media event with as many people as you can contact, and have them contact as many as they can.

We can force Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to start working to educate all kids.

You are aware the suburban kids get only 4 thousand in funding while the urban kids get 12 thousand and up.

Plus the only overcrowded schools are in the suburbs. No over crowded classes exist in the urban schools.